(Program Pricing)

1 x /month Half Day
(Primarily a wash and systems check program) 
20-30ft  $150                                      
30-40ft  $225                                      
40-50ft  $275                                      
50-60ft  $300                                         
60-70ft  $350      

1x/month Full Day 30 ft and up only
30-40ft $400
40-50ft $425
50-60ft $450
60-70ft $475                              

Monthly 1x/week (note some months have 5 weeks) payable bi/monthly or monthly.
20-30ft $250/week
30-40ft $350/week
40-50ft $375/week
50-60ft $400/week
60-70ft $400/week

Savings based on more frequent programs. 
Note Monthly plans will have a 50 percent deposit or 2 week advanced payment prior to starting service with signed contract.  Also meaning if you decide to terminate contract of services you will have 2 weeks of service upon termination owed.
*All major mechanical will be subbed out with estimates prior to owners written approval. 
Monthly Covered services include but not limited to.  (Limited to 8hr programs and up) Weekly wash, weekly systems check, tackle check if fishing vessel, minor systems repair (bilge pump replacements, wiring issues, battery checks, filter checks and services, air filter checks and cleanings, water systems checks and filter replacements, fuse replacements, switch replacements and other small item fixes which can be fixed in a normal work day.) Running engines, checking fluids, checking coolant levels and transmission fluids if applicable, running all systems including A/C, head pumps, macerator pumps etc.
4 hr programs include systems checks, battery checks, engine checks, run at dock not take out or on hose if trailered, and basic wash and chamois. All other services are billed on case by case hourly basis.

Non Covered services – Oil changes, Racor filter changes, steering repair or replacement, any engine service for outboard such as 20/100/300 hr services etc. A/C flushes also not covered typically takes 4-6hrs/job depending on the number of A/C units.
Non Covered mechanical services will be billed @$65/hr. plus parts/fluids.
*note I will never upcharge for parts, fluids, or cleaning supplies.
*Wax or full detail work will generally be subbed out with the exception of minor metal waxing, general maintenance metal work.